Benefits of being PlayShaala Partners:

  • Backed by a team of experienced educationists, who not only understand the demand for metro cities but also for Tier II and Tier III cities of India.
  • The Founders have trustworthy and Reliable Name in “Education Sector” which will give an opportunity for easy Expansion with “Strategum”
  • Partners can choose the working hours (part time-minimum 3hrs, full time - additional facilities) according to their business needs.
  • Un-ending support in all the operations of the Partner which will result in Stress-free set up.

Academic Edge:

  • Uniquely designed and developed curriculum which is the outcome of research, extensive hard work and expertise to nurture 21st Century Skills.
  • Incorporation of STREAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) through Curriculum 2.1 enables the children to be 21st century Global citizens.
  • The SLC (Small Learning Community) style classroom will incorporate Child Driven Learning and will satiate the natural curiosities of the child.
  • Creative Learning work environment

Marketing Edge:

  • 21st Century Preschool concept in India for the first time.
  • Spread across eleven states and caters to more than 4000 kids across India
  • Affordable fees in a new concept school.

Financial Benefits:

  • Freedom of choice: Partners can choose from the different models available, as per the town & its population.
  • Reasonable investments and royalty.
  • Low Risk factor, as the industry demands are growing exponentially.
  • Low real estate cost - prime commercial location not required
  • Easy and quick return availing early Break-Even point

Social Benefits

  • Respect from the community
  • High degree of satisfaction giving a quality foundation to so many childrens’ lives.